Facts about Pokies

The word ”pokies” is the advent of Australian slang, meaning slots. They have amassed a number of nicknames with one of the favorites being the ”one-armed bandits.” This name came from the lever which was always placed on the side for one to pull. The levers have gone in some of the modern day machines, though most still maintain a legacy lever on top of a button.

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Slots were the invention of Charles Fey, though they are discrepancies about the date the invention was made all believe it was over a century ago. The first machine had three spinning reels with each reel carrying a total of five symbols. The symbols included the Liberty Bell from which it got its name, and three of them would give you the biggest payoff of ten nickels. When it comes to slots, depending on the symbols, you know what to expect from your payoff. The higher valued the symbol, the more you can expect to earn from your jackpot.

Today with technology ever on the move, pokies have also evolved to keep up with the rapid pace of a changing world. They employ software to generate the random combinations. This software runs what is known as Random Number Generator (RNG) . The RNG gives unpredictable combinations of the symbols. Most casinos have done away with coins, as they have tokens which can be used on the machines. Tokens are preferred as they are less weighty. The advancements have not stopped there, as dropping coins when one wins a jackpot has become a thing of the past. Today all you get is a winning ticket from the machine, and a simulated sound of dropping coins. The casinos still keep the sound as they want to spur on other gamblers to feel they are almost there.

The number of reels has also increased as the 5 reel machines are today the most popular. However, it is not odd finding 3 or 4 reel machines. Another fact about pokies is they are an affordable form of gambling. Though you can find a dime, nickel, or quarter slots, just as well you can also find $100 to even $500 slots. The denominations vary per spin depending on the currency. Each slot machine is fitted with a currency detector, which not only reads coins but also tokens. The last fact you should know is that every spin is totally random. Pokies are a fun way to gamble and the facts say so.