Blackjack: Five Card Counting Musts

New Jersey online casinos review: If you ever thought that the world was often unfair, and needed an example to show someone who didn’t believe you, then look no further than card counting/odds in Blackjack.

No sooner does the common man find a way to beat the casino, the casino just bans the common man from playing at his casino. The case has been taken as high as the federal courts. There is no protection for the card counter. But they are a determined bunch and it takes a lot to stop them.

Here are there five card-counting musts.

#1 The Running Count

You have to track the high and low cards that come out of the deck. This is the fundamental cornerstone of card counting.

#2 True Count Conversion

This is the running count after you have taken the number of decks used into consideration.

#3 Betting

Knowing when to maximise your bets is key to earning money in Blackjack. It’s no good creating a true count if you don’t how to maximise it when it’s in your favour.

#4 Strategy

There is a huge amount of strategy involved in Blackjack. You really do need to understand and memorise as many tricks of the trade as you can. Every little edge counts and so do your homework. It will be worth every penny.

#5 Disguise

Brick and mortar casinos don’t welcome card-counters. Instead they are more than likely to bash them over the head with the brick and bury them in the mortar. If you are known then disguise your face, and if not disguise your play.